DebioClip and DebioPass

Drug delivery devices

Debiotech developed different drug delivery devices, including the DebioClip system for the reconstitution of lyophilized drugs connected directly to the vial and the DebioPass system allowing the sequential injection of two fluids stored separately into a single syringe.

Key facts

Class IIb

Class IIb medical device

DebioClip licensed worldwide to
DebioPass licensed worldwide to



DebioClip features

    • Connected directly to the vial
    • Aseptic connector made of injection molded polymer
    • Easy 3-step manipulation
    • Pre-filled steam sterilized syringe with a USP Type 1 glass barrel and a volume ranging from 1 to 10 ml
    • Sharp needle (IV, IM, or SC type, with or without luer connector)

DebioPass features

    • Sequential injection of two fluids stored separately into a single syringe
    • Bypass system automatically activated in the rubber-stopper by the pressure created during the injection
    • Can fill standard syringe from 0,5 to 200ml
    • Ease of injection

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