Micro-needles intradermal injections

DebioJect micro-needles system allows the intradermal injection of conventional fluidic formulations, quickly and without the need for any specific training. It offers several advantages compared to the standard Mantoux technique by improving usability, reproducibility, reliability, accuracy of dose administration with barely any pain, as well as reduction in risk of needle stick injuries for healthcare workers.

Key facts

Class IIb

Class IIb medical device

3 Awards


    • Made of one or several hollow micro-needles with a length ranging from 350 to 900 microns
    • Connectable to standard syringes, vials and carpules
    • Injection of up to 500 microliters in 5 seconds
    • Usable with highly viscous formulations
    • Easy to use and without specific preliminary training
    • Easy scalability of manufacturing in large quantities (disposable parts)​