When developing your medical innovation, you need early on to define your targeted geographical areas. Most common targets for Swiss or European companies integrate Europe, the US and in some cases Asia (Japan and China). We never thought Debiotech expansion would go to SPACE.

At the beginning of 21st century, Nasa took contact with Debiotech to  evaluate the opportunity to use their injection pump within the International Space Station (ISS). At this time, most of injection pumps were heavily relying on gravity to ensure proper drug injection. This goes without saying but you cannot rely on gravity once in space. Nasa was looking for a robust and reliable device to allow drug injection to their astronauts once in the ISS in case of emergency.

The unique Debiotech IP and know-how on injection devices using peristatic pumps was a clear answer to this challenge. Discussions have been initiated with Nasa to provide them with safe and reliable drug injection devices that can be used in 0 gravity conditions.

Debiotech unique drug injection device was officially part of the permanent equipment within the ISS and since then, was hopefully never used by the astronauts there.

Debiotech for you

After 30 years of inhouse innovation design and development, Debiotech has decided to increase its impact in the medical and pharmaceutical industries by providing expert development services to inventive worldwide individuals, companies, and institutions.

Debiotech technical know-how include:

  • Medical software design and development including embedded and standalone software, digital health and mobile apps as well as back-end and front-end cloud solutions & cybersecurity management activities
  • Medical hardware design and development including mechanics, mechatronics, micro-mechanics, electronics, fluidics and Micro-Electro-Mechanical systems.

Debiotech innovation management expertise includes:

  • Entrepreneurs or project managers support in the definition of their concept, in the identification and quantification of their market, in the definition of their development and regulatory strategy, in the definition of their business model, in the identification of possible partners and finally in their fundraising activities.
  • Project management activities compliant with international industry standards and regulations: MDR, CFR 21 Part 820, ISO 13485 (Debiotech is certified by TUV Sud), IEC 62304, IEC 82304 Series, IEC 62366, ISO 14971, UL-2900 Series, IEC 60601 Series, IEC 10993 Series, ISO 14155, HIPAA and GDPR.