Lausanne (Switzerland),

Within a week, NextKidney and its Neokidney portable home hemodialysis system received the PERL Award as well as the Venture Award. A true recognition for the company as well as for the team, these two awards confirm the innovation level of the product in the field of home hemodialysis which is a promising/buoyant subject, of undoubted importance for our society.

The PERL prize is aimed at new companies in the Lausanne region that have strong growth potential and can help to energize the region and create jobs. For its 18th edition, more than 30 companies from a wide variety of fields have applied. NextKidney has been awarded the innovation prize after preparing and presenting the project and the next steps to the commercialization. The jury, chaired by the Syndic of Lausanne, Grégoire Junod, consisted of several influential personalities of the region’s economy, research and educational institutions and the press. This prize particularly rewards the many efforts made by the entire team to develop an innovative hemodialysis solution that will positively impact the quality of life of patients suffering from kidney failure. Thanks to its unique sorbent technology and it small size and weight, the Neokidney is removing several barriers for home use and will participate to the growth of this promising market. “This prize makes us very happy. It will allow us to gain visibility and will undoubtedly help us to increase our connections with the local tissue“ explainsJohn Stooker, CFO of NextKidney.

Laurent-Dominique Piveteau, CEO of Debiotech and CEO a.i. of NextKidney and Luca Reut, Business Development Manager at NextKidney with the Venture award.The Neokidney with the PERL award

The Venture competition exists since 1997 and is aimed at Swiss start-ups less than two years old in fields as varied as life sciences, fintech, industry, etc. Its goal is to reward innovative business ideas with high potential, capable of developing the national economic network and becoming a key player in its field. This year, 327 companies took part, including 89 in the health and food vertical alone. After several weeks of competition, including two rounds of presentations in front of two different juries, NextKidney won the third prize in its category. “This award is an honor for NextKidney and further validates the desirability, feasibility and viability of our project. Knowing that big names such as Knecht Holding, Roche or J&J have evaluated us shows that Nextkidney’s success can become a significant contributor to the Swiss economy” says Luca Reut, Business Development Manager of NextKidney SA.

A great success for NextKidney! It shows that the efforts made until today are recognized and rewarded. Thank you to the whole team that is committed to this project with the ambition to change the daily life of many patients around the world” comments Laurent-Dominique Piveteau, CEO of Debiotech and CEO a.i. of NextKidney. “Taking over in these circumstances is particularly exciting and motivating. These two awards, which show our strong link to the Lausanne region and the truly innovative aspect of our approach will undeniably help us in the fundraising we are currently conducting” concludes Jérôme Augustin, newly appointed CEO of NextKidney.

About NextKidney and the Neokidney

NextKidney’s mission is to develop and commercialize the Neokidney home hemodialysis device. Placing the patient and his quality of life at the center of its approach, the company uses innovative technologies to offer a safe, practical and easy-to-use solution as quickly as and widely as possible throughout the world. The Neokidney is the first truly portable – plug and play – user friendly home hemodialysis device that only uses 7 liters of fluids and can be used anywhere. More information about NextKidney and the Neokidney can be found at To receive the last news, follow us on LinkedIn.

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