Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion

Debiotech developed the JewelPUMP, a small and discrete Patch Pump for insulin delivery dedicated to both type 1 and type 2 diabetics to improve their therapy and offer them more freedom in everyday life.

Key facts

Class IIb

Class IIb medical device
with Class C embedded software

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1 out of 11

The number of people in the world affected by the diabetes chronic disease


    • Flexibility: Made of two main parts (one re-usable and one disposable), the pump can be easily removed, reattached and relocated to give more freedom for the patient.
    • Large reservoir: With a reservoir capacity of 5mL it represents an equivalent use of insulin of one week.
    • Small Size and Weight: Its size (approx. 70x40x13mm) and weight (25g) allow to hide the device under clothes and make the disease invisible.
    • Precision: Based on MEMS technology, the pump delivers only 200 nanoliters of drug and reproducibility is better than 5% for standard basal rates, bringing it very close to physiological delivery of insulin.
    • Safety: A closed fluidic path and an anti-free-flow system protect the patient from unwanted insulin infusion, ensure a permanent functional monitoring and detect immediate occlusion in real time.
    • Connected: Its 4G small remote control includes a blood glucose meter and a touch screen. It allows exchange of data with the cloud and communication with other devices and mobile applications.