Debiotech’s top-notch technical expertise

Rely on collaborators high level of expertise and on 30+ years of experience in innovative devices development.

At any stage of your journey, Debiotech brings you

Software development services

Debiotech provides software design, development and verification services in the following domains:

  • Firmware/Embedded software,
  • Digital health apps,
  • Standalone software and software as medical device,
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning,
  • Cybersecurity management.

Hardware development services

Debiotech provides hardware design, development and testing services in the following domains:

  • Electronical cards / PCB design,
  • Mechanics and mechatronics,
  • Micro-mechanics and Micro-Electro-Mechanics,
  • Complex fluidics and micro fluidics.


Your direct benefits

Access to qualified senior individuals

Clean & robust coding and design activities

Shorter development time & time-to-market

Reduced development risks
Facilitated compliance for EU and USA
Access to Debiotech’s partner network

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