2021 is a special year for Debiotech and synonymous of evolution. With more than 30 years of history, the company has recently decided to share its know-how in medical device development by focusing its activities around two main axes. Laurent-Dominique Piveteau, CEO, shares with us his thoughts on this evolution of the company. 

Laurent-Dominique Piveteau, can you present us in a few words the two axes of activities at Debiotech?  On the one hand, we have the Service axis for the development of medical software. We make available our long experience gained on complex products, in this field where a good reflection upstream and a robust development allows to derisk and save a lot of time in the end.  

Second axis, the Incubator. Here, we want to accompany innovative projects towards success and help them get through the first stages of development, which are so critical for the final success. 

Why did you decide to orient the company around these two axes? This was a logical evolution after thirty-one years of existence. The market has evolved, as have the expectations of our customers. And we ourselves have acquired particular skills and experience that we want our partners to benefit from. What we are presenting today is the result of an evolution that started a few years ago. 

Debiotech HQ in Lausanne (Switzerland)

Do you have any concrete examples to demonstrate this evolution? The first example that comes to mind is obviously NextKidney. This is a project that we have been incubating for some time and that has just become fully independent. We have developed the product in collaboration with partners in the Netherlands and Singapore, set up the management and technical teams and initiated the fundraising. A great success in prospect,recognized by the community as it won two awards in2020 (i.e., Venture and PERL competitions).

In the field of software services, we have been working for several years with a very important player in medtech. With him we developed on a project including data exchange between servers and medical devices, sending prescriptions via the cloud to devices, interaction between several devices in the field, management of multiple processors and dozens of sensors. Patient safety and cyber-security were the two key words of this work.

What types of companies are you addressing today? With the Service branch, we address companies active in medtech and having, or wanting to develop, products with a software component and which are looking for cutting-edge skills but also a very reactive and flexible team. We also believe that one of our great strengths is that we have always been able to create a real team spirit with the companies we worked with. We go beyond the service provider  client relationship. The team makes it a point of honor to see our clients’ projects succeed. 

As far as the incubator is concerned, these are young innovative medtech companies, or even project holders, who are looking for infrastructure, experience in medical development and a professional network. We have several of our products on the market today. We have learned, sometimes painfully, what it is like to develop a medical device, what it is like to turn an idea into a disruptive product, and it is this experience that we want to bring to those who have the ambition to change the world of medical technology.

How do you see the future of Debiotech? Thriving, growing and exciting. We have the ambition to become a key player in medtech innovation in Switzerland and with the team in place,we have everything to succeed.

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