IV Exprés

Intravenous injections

IV Exprés is one of the smallest and easiest to use infusion pump available on the market for intravenous injections.

Key facts

Class IIb

Class IIb medical device
with Class C embedded software

Licensed worldwide except Japan to
Licensed in Japan to
ISS equipment

Has been selected as permanent equipment of the ISS

1 Award


    • Infusion line integrated to a compact cassette with a safe free-flow protection.
    • Menu programming with continuous display of key information
    • Easily clipped on various accessories
    • Handy format (140x43x58mm) and lightweight (350 gr)
    • Flow Rate ranging between 0.1 to 999 ml/h
    • Volume between 1 to 9999 ml
    • Safe with variable occlusion pressure limits, Air-in-line detection and audible and optical alarms with automatic stop of infusion.
    • Embedded Software enabling historic recall and graphic display of the entire infusion profile